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From February 2010 , all of the the body and bottom of Doulton water filter was affixed laser label before release from the plant. The code which print on it is as same as the warranty certificate no. There are records in the Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited (FICL) file system. Customers can register product maintenance in our website We will Instant notification, If the registration code doesn't match the actual. Furthermore, we will notice our agency and find main source of the fake code to guarantee customers right.

Doulton Water Filter which sale in Hong Kong and Mainland China is affixed laser label in it’s body and bottom, both of the code are the same.


From now on, goods which sale in Mainland China is affixed label with a string of 20 serial numbers which are hidden figures. You should wipe out and verify the serial number via phone, sms, and our website to ensure the goods is from original manufacturer.